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Hobgoblin described by Wychwood as "full bodied and well balanced with a chocolate toffee malt flavour, moderate bitterness and a distinctive fruity character with a ruby red glow".

The one and only Newcastle Brown Ale is our best selling beer. Newcastle Brown Ale is a brown ale, originally produced in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1927 and has a malty flavour.

With Krombacher Pils you enjoy a distinctive, finely bitter taste and a full-flavoured aroma – this is a genuine premium pilsner beer with an alcohol content of 4.8 %.

Guinness is one of the most successful beer brands worldwide. It is brewed in almost 60 countries and is available in over 120

London Pride is unmistakably London's beer. With its well-rounded flavour and rich history, everything about this authentic, characterful beer binds it to our capital city and the people who love it and is brewed right beside the thames since 1845.

Strongbow is a dry cider produced by H. P. Bulmer in England since 1962. The dry cider is the world's leading cider with a 15 per cent volume share of the global cider market.

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